Finca-Hostería El Retiro - Olón, Sta. Elena, Ecuador
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Finca-Hostería El Retiro

Thank you for your interest in visiting Finca-Hostería El Retiro. Our mission is to provide our customers with a relaxing time in close contact with nature, but without sacrificing comfort or quality of service. In this site you will find all the necessary information to plan your next vacation in El Retiro and its sorroundings.

Our strategic location makes us the best place to relax while visiting the Ruta del Sol (Route of Spondylus) and all its archaeological, ecological, culinary attractions, and adventure. From Olón you will soon visit places like Salinas, Valdivia, Montañita, Salango, Puerto Lopez, Los Frailes, Isla de la Plata, etc..
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